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Our History


Mr. Samuel Harris, a native of Franklin County North Carolina, started Harris Barber College in 1930 in the back of a barbershop located on 124 East Hargett Street, next to what is now the Hamlin Drug Store in downtown Raleigh. Later, the college moved to East Cabarrus Street between Blount and Bloodworth Street. Mr Harris, a seasoned barber, believed that young African American males should possess a skill that would help them improve their economic status and eventually create opportunities where they

would not only be employees, but employers. In 1942 a new      

college was built and the Harris Barber College Family moved to

803 South Blount Street, behind Shaw University, where the

school still stand today. The new facility offered opportunities for

students to room and board and is thought to be the oldest

boarding Barber School in the State. In addition to focusing on the

trade of barbering, the school has always emphasized student's

spiritual lives and their civic responsibilities. Mr. Harris was not just

the owner of the Barber College, but of other barbershops

throughout Raleigh and in Fort Bragg. However, the shortage of

good managers left Mr. Harris no choice but to discontinue the

shops. He then focused solely on the Barber College continuing

with his effort to insure that quality education was being offered.

In 1947 Mr. Harris died and his wife, Mrs. Vivian Harris, stopped

teaching to continue to operate the college. Mrs. Harris later

married Mr. A. E. Brown who joined in and offered inspirational

messages to students during the instruction day. Mrs. Harris

Brown later retired in the early 1970's Down through the years,

some of the reliable managers and instructors that assisted the Harris Family in running an efficient school were Mr. George K. Lynch, Mr. John Clay, Mr. Joseph I. Stredwick, Mr. Wyatt Cumbo, Reverend C. R. Stone and Mr. Tobias McLean. Today, the Barber College is still standing tall on top of a hill with open doors ready to serve the community. Mr. Tobias McLean is now managing the school, and with a diverse student body of both men and women, continues to be a positive force in our community teaching both barbering skills and personal values for life's success.



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