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‚ÄčTobias McLean grew up in Kenansville, NC, where he attended Duplin

County Schools. He graduated from James Kenan High School in Warsaw,

NC in 1977. Immediately upon graduating high school Tobias entered the

US Army. He served his country for a tenure of 3 years, from 1977-1980.

Mr. Mclean then became employed as a teacher assistant in the Duplin

County School System. He did not know that this would ultimately

provide some foundation for what he would be lead. to do later in his life.

In 1981, he enrolled in Harris Barber College. He completed all

requirements for a barber license in May 1982.Tobias thirst for more know

ledge and expertise in his chosen field led him to Civella Beauty College in

Raleigh, NC in July of 1982. He completed all requirements and earned his

cosmetology license in July of 1983. Mr. Mclean continued his studies ~ pursuit

of an instructor's license, and was granted that license in 1984 by the North

Carolina State Board. After receiving his instructor's license, Tobias became a

part-time instructor for Harris Barber College. Even after completing the required barber curriculum, Mr. Mclean remained committed to Harris Barber College. Throughout his studies at Civella he continued to stop by Harris to see how things were going, to help out when a hand was needed, and to visit with Reverend Stone, who was manager at that time. Reverend Stone was very influential in guiding Tobias career. He. would often discuss the profession with Tobias, and took, every opportunity to steer Tobias in the right direction. He offered Tobias guidance and support in may aspects of his life.It seemed only fitting that Reverend Stone would be the one to marry. Tobias to his wife, Carrie, in December of 1985. Tobias still has no idea which turns his career path would take. He continued to work hard and "take" advantage of every opportunity that he encountered. In his endeavor, at the beginning of 1986, he opened what is now, Mclean's Barber & Beauty Salon. In the Summer of that same year, 1986, he became a full-time instructor at Harris Barber College in effects to assist Reverend Stone. Mr. Mclean worked hard with the students. He saw potential in each one of the students and committed himself to maximizing that potential. His goal as an instructor was to empower each student to work hard, and to stretch themselves to the limit that they might achieve great strides in the barber profession because he knew that is what it takes to become successful and because he so desperately wanted everyone of his students to experience that success. It was out of this commitment to the students, a life-long commitment to Harris Barber College and to Reverend Stone who he had grown to respect for his infinite wisdom and guidance, and a commitment to the barber profession that Mr. Mclean agreed to accept the responsibility of manager for Harris Barber College in January of 1994.




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