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"Our mission at Harris Barber College (HBC) is to prepare men and women to be major contributors to the barbering profession. Our goal is to develop students holistically and provide them with tools that will help them be successful both as barbers and as human beings. In that endeavor we stress principles of business management, personal management, ethics, and community responsibility. We encourage our students to learn individually and collaboratively, to be resources to their peers, to see each other as resources, and to be ever cognizant of the needs of the people that they serve and the community at large. We offer students the opportunity to enhance themselves professionally, financially, and spiritually. Our aim is to serve as we teach students the importance of a strong service and work ethic."People want to look their best, and will pay for it! In good times or bad, the professional barber provides a service that is recession proof. Learn the latest techniques in cutting, styling, waving and total hair care. HBC will help you become one of the best-trained individuals in the business.



Since opening in 1930, the Harris Barber College has been dedicated to training students in theory and practical skills necessary to become barbers in the state of North Carolina. The school believes in developing the student's integrity and motivation in order for them to become successful barber-stylist. Every effort is made to ensure that each student receives well-balanced training, responding to the need of the industry.




Our students are able to get valuable hands on experience by providing a wide range of barbering services to the general public. The real barber shop atmosphere helps students to transition into the workforce right after completion of our program, and earning money fast. HBC has established not only a great name, but with our over 70 years of serving the community we have developed a large customer base so our students get top notch training on real customers.


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